TONGZHI Cobalt and Iron red Pheonix Floral Dish


Circa 1861 to 1875

This beautifully and richly decorated gilded Tongzhi display plate of the Qing Dynasty, the photographs do not show it in its full beauty as this piece is very feelable, you could close your eyes and be able to describe this plate in high detail by touch alone, it is pristine condition.

The central panel in thick white enamel glaze.

Colbalt blue floral vase with Iron red flowers.

North west and south east panels in thick white enamel glaze over gilded branches then north east and south west panels feature Pheonixs flying over the tops of the branches.

Borders and rim in Colbalt blue and Iron red enamel glaze over gold reliefs

This display plate is very rare, it is being listed here for about 12 weeks while it is being appraised for auction by Christies, so this is a rare oppertunity to purchase a masterpiece without having to bid for it at an auction.

I am estimating its value to be between 10K and 20K in line with other similar rare plates.

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