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Scottish sea glass bracelet with sea glass in blue shades all around.

This is a fantastic every day bracelet, perfect for a Beach Wedding or as a gift for a special day! All set in sterling silver.

Sea glass is in alternating shades of cornflower and sky blue.

There are a tiny shiny spots on these pieces, overall very nicely frosted.

SIZE Sea glass is approx.

1.52cm each Bracelet is a little over 7.5 (19.5cm) Folklore Every time a sailor drowns at Sea, a mermaid cries.

Her tears get washed ashore as sea glass, these are called Mermaids Tears…this silver plated bracelet is custom made for you in shades of white, sea foam and green.

Sea glass is found by me in St Andrews, Scotland.

Found in a cove beyond a castle ruin from the 13th century, tumbled by the North Sea since Victorian times now made into jewellery.

Own a piece of Scotland.

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