Rare Golden Enhydro Herkimer Diamond Pendant Necklace. Sterling Silver Wire Wrapped Natural Double Terminated


Sterling Silver Wire Wrapped Rare Golden Enhydro Herkimer Diamond from Pakistan on an 18 Hallmarked Sterling Silver Curb Chain.

The pendant in the photos is the actual pendant that you will receive.

The Crystal weighs 4.54g The Crystal measures 21.3mm x 14.3mm The complete weight with Silver Wire Wrap 5.2g The complete wrapped pendant including bail measures 28.4mm

To further enhance the natural beauty of this crystal the wire wrap has been discreetly secured through a narrow drill hole.

Golden Enhydro Herkimer Diamonds are rare and fascinating crystals.

This is a beautiful Rare Diamond Quartz Crystal from Pakistan in its natural growth formation waterclear and sparkly Quartz crystal with 3phases of inclusions solid black hydrocarbon, yellow liquid Petroleum, and gas bubbles that were trapped inside the crystal as it was forming millions of years ago.

Encased inside this crystal there are 4 tiny moving bubbles of methane within the oil which can be seen in the yellow liquid Petroleum.

The bubbles are tiny and are best viewed under a magnifying glass.

There is a pocket of oil at the front near the top of the crystal and a small pocket of oil to the side that each have a moving bubble, there is another moving bubble in a small elongated chamber just under the bail and there is another tiny moving bubble deeper inside near the top of the crystal, this bubble can be tricky to locate but exploring the interior of this crystal with a magnifying glass is quite magical.

There are also 2 more bubbles in chambers at each side of the crystal that appear to be trapped and do not move.

The oil within this crystal will fluoresce when viewed in the dark under an Ultraviolet light.

The blue picture is this crystal under a UV light which clearly reveals all the little pockets of ancient oil that was encased in the crystal millions of years ago.


Herkimer Diamonds are not in fact diamonds, but a unique, double terminated formation of quartz crystal were given the name Diamonds because of their similarity in shape, clarity, brightness sparkle to a diamond, surprisingly they are rarer than actual diamonds.


They have a hardness of 7.5 on the Mohs scale of Hardness with 10 (diamond) being the hardest.


They are powerful energy amplifiers for spiritual growth, surrounding us in their clear light, helping to facilitate conscious attunement to our highest spiritual potential.

They are a stone of attunement that can help us to connect making Herkimers an excellent stone to use for many types of exploration.

It can be used to attune us to another person to life energy, the environment or a specific activity.

Herkimer Diamonds can attune people groups, linking them together.

When apart, each person should keep a stone, creating a continued attunement affiliation with the shared energies.

It is an ideal stone in healing situations can enhance telepathically attune healer patient during crystal healing.

Herkimer Diamonds have a crystal memory into which information can be programmed, the crystal then can be given as a special gift of love light, infused with loving thoughts from you to a loved one.

They can help to clear the chakras open channels for a clear flow of energy.

Stimulating psychic ability, clairvoyant, clairaudient dream recall, helping us to understand the things that are holding us back in our spiritual growth.

Some people put their Herkimer under their pillow to enhance dream recall.

Herkimer Diamonds are considered to be one of the most powerful crystals for clearing electromagnetic pollution, radioactivity, blocking geopathic stress.

Metaphysical Properties of Sterling Silver

love peace protection.

Silver helps to absorbs enhances the energy of the crystals directs it to where it is needed, helping to draw negativity from the body whilst transferring the positive energy of the crystal to the appropriate areas.

Silver opens, clears activates the vital energy centres assists in the cleansing of the body to help eliminate toxins at the cellular level.

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