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Garnet,Pyrite Sun,Herkimer diamond,Labradorite,a beautiful turquoise.

Live in the Sunshine, Swim in the Sea of Sun Light, Drink the wild Air, The Sun Doesnt Struggle to rise and neither should we ………………………..

Pyrite Sun is named after the radial formations of pyrite known as pyrite suns.

In crystal healing traditions, pyrite promotes abundance, health, selfworth, and manifestation of ones true purpose in life.

Pyrite sun crystals hail only from Illinois.

These radiant discs of iron pyrite formed 350 million years ago at the 300 foot level in a very narrow seam between layers of black shale and coal.

Coal miners in Sparta, Illinois used to bring them up in their lunch pails, saving them from destruction during the mining process.

Encased in a shale and coal matrix, a very difficult cleaning process unveils their hidden natural beauty.

Now that all of the Sparta coal mines have closed, the limited existing samples reveal a glimpse into processes that occurred during the earths evolution.

Pyrite sun is one of the strongest, and most positive energy stones.

The name is derived from the Greek pyros, meaning fire, because it sparks when hit with force against stone or metal.

It was used to create fire during the Stone Age, and has been revered as a magical and protective stone throughout human history.

As an embodiment of fire, pyrite suns are believed to ignite metabolism, circulation, and overall health.

Pyrite suns are particularly beneficial to the lungs and cellular repair by promoting oxygenation of the blood.

Likewise, pyrite is known for promoting mental acuity by integrating intuition with attention, and creativity with analysis.

In ancient healing traditions, such as Ayurveda, pyrite is said to be a powerful impetus for transforming the root of physical, spiritual, and emotional disease.

It facilitates tapping into your fullest potential and abilities as it protects you from negative energies and pollutants at all levels.

Pyrite empowers the spirit and strengthens selfconfidence.

Like its crystal namesake, Pyrite Sun encourages the life processes that connect us to the energy of the sun and earth as we breathe, eat, and grow.

Metaphysical practitioners believe that pyrite supplements physical energy with the energy of the sun, increases stamina, stimulates the intellect, and protects against negativity and risk.

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