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Hand made 3carat eq.

Pink oval cut lab Morganite engagement ring, with brilliant cut white diamond simulant halo setting, gold plated sterling silver discreetly adjustable band.

ue on Etsy!

This is a breathtakingly beautiful ring with a stunning oval cut Morganite centre stone!

See a video of this ring here: Shop the matching pendant: Morganite is a excellent replacement for pink diamonds or Padparadscha sapphires (both are extremely rare, beautiful and expensive!!), as it has a unique Salmon or Orangy Pink colour, and has excellent clarity and brilliance!

Were confident that this ring will make that perfect classic engagement ring or special gift.

Each handmade piece is crafted with the perfect conflictfree alternative to a mined diamond/coloured stones.

We choose the highest quality of diamond simulant/lab coloured stones in the market, which means they have similar chemical composition and hardness to real gemstones! Also, they are hand cut, faceted and polished in the same way as real gemstones, making sure you get the maximum fire, brilliance and sparkle!

Amazing details: The settings and ring band is in 14k white gold plated sterling silver.

Ring band was stamped S925 inside.

Stone: Lab morganite

Approximate Stone Size: 3 carats Approximate Stone Dimensions: 10 mm length, 8 mm width Shape: Oval cut Metal: Sterling Silver with 14k white/rose gold plating Discreetly adjustable ring band please still tell us your preferred ring size as we can adjust it to your size, but you can still adjust the size afterwards yourself easily Solid white gold, rose gold or yellow gold version available to order too, please contact me for a quote of price and time frame.

Shipping worldwide from London, United Kingdom

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