Handmade luxury wall art from copper wire, Original Bonsiree Oak wire tree, 7th anniversary gift 54 x 45 x 8cm


Bonsiree Art the luxury home decoration.

Monumental works of art, determining the atmosphere of the room! MADE TO ORDER! Your Bonsiree is special and truly modern.

It represents 21st century.

Its style gives an extra tone to the atmosphere of the room.

The copper wire and the extraordinary shape of the tree provide aesthetical picture.

Oak hanging tree, tree of life, Individual and unique wall art from copper wire.

Dimensions: 22x 18 / 54 x 45 cm

This is a very sweet tree that you can hang almost anywhere.

Works of art called Bonsiree is a luxury and individual objects made from copper wire.

All objects are handmade therefore all of them is unique, like you cant find exactly the same tree in the nature.

Mostly Bonsiree trees are born by my own ideas but I also create personalised objects.

Each tree is securely packaged to ensure safe shipment and the trees retain their shape.

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copper wire,Oak tree,metal wall,iron art,personalised gifts

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