GOLD Bust Mannequin Showcase Display Exclusive Furniture case for your parfumes, jewellery or your favourite bottles: Elvis


MANNEQUINS Collection: Showcase Bust An elegant, unique showcase for your jewellery, parfumes, your fancy treasures or your favourite bottle.

Put one of these exclusive statues in your living room, bedroom, Your place wont be the same anymore! Dream with words.

HOW IS MADE Imitation Gold Leaf on a polystyrene tailor bust.

Our Mannequins are treated with a clear waterproofing varnish.

Each piece of the collection is handmade so its unique.

IMPORTANT This Collection is Made to Order, the item in the picture is just a sample.

The actual bust will have same dimensions, same shape and type of custom except for slight differences such as the composition of the pattern.

DIMENSIONS bust size: 32 TALL TORSO 38 CHEST 36 WAIST 38 HIPS average bust dimensions: 15.7x11x29.5 (40x28x75 cm) IDENTITY CARD name: Elvis GS collection: Mannequins design: AM Florence year: 2016

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polystyrene,finn board,wooden tripod stand,imitation gold leaf,clear waterproofing varnish

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