Custom Built Ceiling Pendant Light with Reclaimed Wood for Exposed Vintage Bulb


The design of this ceiling light is collaborative process between MooBoo Home and you, the customer.

It is a bespoke made to order item and you can be assured that there wont be another like it! Please note that due to demand this light could take 12 weeks to make, if you have a time limit or deadline please message us first.

We want to make sure that you receive exactly what you want for your home and thats why we work with you to design your light.

When you place your order you will be asked to choose the stain colour and finish of the timber, and the cable colour and finish of the bulb holders.

We will need to know the shape of bulb that you wish to put in the light and the maximum drop of the light in total (ceiling to bottom of the bulb) that way we can make the cable length perfect for your home.

Your light will then be shipped with all components (except bulbs and wall plugs) ready to hang by a qualified electrician.

Please make sure that you have Etsy emails set to be received in your inbox, and not as junk, so that we can communicate with you in regards to the design of your light.

We never make a decision on your behalf, we always ask you first and we keep you fully informed every step of the way to ensure that you receive exactly what you want for your home.

The colour of bulb holders, ceiling rose, hooks and chain in the pictured chandelier are Bronze.

The cable is black, the wood has been stained with Georgian Medium Oak and finished with a Matt Varnish.

The dimensions of the main pictured light is 10cm from ceiling to top of wood, total drop to the bottom of the bulb 52cm.

The timber is 12cm x 12cm, 15cm deep to the longest point.

We can use either a rustic end piece or a squared piece, we will send you timber choice photos when you have placed your order.

Each piece of wood that we use will differ slightly as it is reclaimed, but we make sure we choose the best pieces possible and really work on bringing out the natural beauty of the colour and grain.

We can go as rustic or as sleek as you wish, or as the timber will allow.

It helps us to know where you will hang your light, and the interior decoration of the room, so that we can better advise you as we go along.

We are also happy to draw to scale your room and the light so that you can better imagine how it will hang in your space.

Frequently asked questions: Our ceilings are low/we are not sure of headroom, how low does your light hang? We design the light to fit your space, so the overall hanging length is up to you and we will make it to your specifications.

We can draw you a scale plan of your room so that you can better imagine the light in your space, we will just need few measurements from you to do so.

I want little bit of space between the ceiling and the wooden part of my light, how close can you get to the ceiling whilst still using chains? The minimum distance that the light can hang from the ceiling, using chain and hooks, is 11cm.

Do you know the sizes of bulbs to take that into account when working out the maximum drop? Yes, we can advise on bulb sizes and will take them into account when designing your light.

What measurements do you need? As a rule the closest we can get the top of the light to your ceiling is 10cm.

We then add the depth of the timber and then work out the hanging length of the cable (normally 10cm for a beam and 6cm for a plank).

We need to know your maximum hanging length (the lowest you want it to hang from the ceiling) and the type of bulb (size and shape) that you are going to use in order to work out how long we should make the cables.

Where your light will hang is important, is it going over a table or does it need to clear head height? How high are your ceilings? If we know this information then we can help you work out the measurements to make sure that you get a the perfect light for your space.

Do you send any fixings with the light? We will send you matching screws to use with your ceiling hanging parts, however these are wood screws and if they are not suitable for you ceiling type then please ask advice from a qualified builder or electrician.

How heavy is the light? That really depends on the timber that you choose and its overall size.

If you want to make sure that you can safely hang our light please do send us a message with the shape of timber (beam or plank) and the number of bulbs that you would like and we can give you a weight estimate.

The light pictured is 1.2KG.

Whats your lead time, how long will it take to make and ship? The processing time, or estimated delivery time, depends on how long the design process takes and then sourcing materials in order to make your light.

Rest assured it will be completed as soon as possible, and in most cases within 2 weeks.

If you have a date in mind, or a deadline, then please send us a message with the shape of timber (beam or plank) and the number of bulbs that you would like and we can give you a time estimate.

Can I put shades or mason jars on the bulb holders? Yes, but please let us know when you order as we will need to use different bulb holders with shade rings to make sure that you can securely attach your shade or jar.

Do I have to use vintage bulbs? No, you can use any bulbs that you like.

Will the light work with a dimmer switch? The lights will work with dimmers, please ensure that the type of bulbs that you use are dimmable, and that the bulb is also compatible with the dimmer type that you have installed in your home.

If you have any other questions please dont hesitate to send us a message.

All electrical components are CE and BS certified, our lights are tested once complete.

Vintage bulbs are not included as standard, they are are widely available online or we can provide bulbs for an extra cost.

PLEASE NOTE Each light that we make is designed for use in the UK (240V ES lamp holder).

Our lights are to be earthed due to the use of metal lamp holders.

We cannot take any responsibility for the safety of the light if the electrics provided are removed or tampered with.

If you are uncertain of how to install your light please consult or hire a qualified electrician.

All components will be provided with the exception of plugs to screw the hook plates into your ceiling.

Please ensure that you purchase the correct type of plugs for your ceiling to ensure the light is securely attached.

We cannot accept any responsibility for lights that have been damaged, nor any damage to surrounding furniture and plasterwork, due to being hung with the wrong type of fixing, or that have not been installed by a qualified electrician.

RETURNS INFORMATION: As this light is bespoke and made to order to your specifications we cannot accept a return or offer you a full refund unless it is faulty.

In the rare event that an item is faulty we will repair and return it to you as quickly as possible, you must contact us within 6 months of receiving your light.

CANCELLATIONS: We cannot cancel your order once we have begun making it.

Last order date for guaranteed delivery before Christmas is the 1st November.

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