Steampunk Officers Blitz (Lightning) Pistol Campaign Case Accessories


Blitz Pistol by Light Dark Armaments Co.

Officers Campaign Kit No.3 Blitz pistol including 1 x Blitz cell Protective antiflash eye glasses Pocket type officers spy glass No 2 Campaign box lined The Blitz (lightning) pistol emits an ultra high intensity light beam with incredible power and accuracy for a sidearm.

Requires Blitz Charge fusion energy cells for power, providing the user with 1 80 shots dependent on power output selected.

Selectable power provides for Ultrablast using the entire energy cell in one shot, discharges a massive blast which is effective against vehicle armour and buildings.

Rapiblast provides rapid antipersonnel fire effective up to 150 meters.

And what you actually get is A hand modified, detailed and crafted 3/4 scale diecast Mauser model pistol with bronzing and wear effects plus steampunk details to create a unique piece for display.

Included in the set is a high quality wood and brass telescope and a set of flip up clear/dark glasses with distressing.

All boxed in a wood hardwood veneered display box, lined with a red velvety cloth and steampunk embellishments.

INTERNATIONAL BUYERS: At own risk with respect to import restrictions and clearances etc.

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