Steel Circle of Cogs and Gears industrial coffee table. Steampunk metal furniture sculpture


A circular 65cm (2ft) faux leather, glass topped coffee table filled with 6mm (1/4inch) thick mild steel cogs created by sculptor Jordan Britt.

The dark grey, almost blue colour of the steel gives the piece a heavy industrial feel, however the design itself is reminiscent of a large skeleton clock.

The gears are set on 7 different levels, giving the piece an interesting layered effect, most prominent when light falls on it, creating shadows.

Very light surface rust MAY form on very small sections of the steel cogs.

This item will be made to order so dont hesitate to get in contact if you have any ideas for variations you would like to discuss.

Perhaps you would like the table a different size, or you would like real leather or brass to be used instead of faux leather and steel.

Perhaps you would like it a different colour to match the rest of your furniture.

If No variations are requested, the faux leather will be black.

The chairs pictured are not included.

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Mild Steel,Faux Leather,Wood,Glass

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