Reclaimed wood bedside table / small shelving unit handmade from lovely reclaimed scaffold boards


A small shelving unit (or bedside table) made from reclaimed scaffold boards, sanded smooth and finished with a natural wax.

This unit is ready for immediate dispatch.

Height 60cm / Width 35cm / Depth 22.5cm The top shelf height is 18cm and the bottom 29cm.

If you would like a metal end band added (as seen with some of the other furniture on our site) this can be done free of charge.

The nature of reclaimed timber adds a level of individuality character.

The timber we use maintains traces of its previous use, with inherent idiosyncrasies that we feel really adds to each piece.

Each piece is sanded, sanded and sanded some more, until it is good to the touch.

Combined with a wax/oil finish, this really brings out the character beauty of the wood as well as its tactile qualities.

The metal end bands are sanded and checked to ensure no sharp edges are present.

All our furniture is handmade with care at our small independent workshop in Hurst.

Designed and made to be functional, full of character and kind to the environment.

contents of unit not included

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Reclaimed wood,Natural wax,scaffold board,Character

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