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Add a traditional Eastern touch to your home with these beautiful 100% Real Leather pouffes!!!!!! A Very highquality leather pouffe decorated with a gorgeous Traditional Red Berber Kilim Rug.

A comfortable square shape and flattened top.

Apart from using this pouffes for sitting, these sizes are perfect to use as tables.

DIMENSIONS 44cmWIDTH x 44cmDEPTH x 45cmHEIGHT ORIGIN All our Pouffes are hand made by Artisans in Morocco, and then, they are cleaned, fixed if needed, polished, painted, restored and embellished at our Workshop.

Our manufacturers are a small scale, family run business that only produces the amount of leather they need to immediately work with.

In this way, they keep waste down to an absolute minimum.

Some pouffes are made to order, but some have been selected from pieces in their workshop.

For this reason, and due to the way the pouffes are packaged and transported, even though we have restored them, please expect some signs of wear, especially in the middle where they are folded.

Please remember though that these are not decorative pieces, these are for everyday use and if looked after properly they will last you a lifetime! MATERIALS

Traditional Kilim Rug Handmade by Berber Woman Poppy for red, Mint for green, Indigo for blue, Kohl for black, Henna for orange and a mixing oil with Pomegranate for yellow.

Tanned with Vegetable Oil.

Made from Goat Hide.

All our products go through our standard treatment.

We have been developing our leather working techniques, and refining a complete treating process for over a year.

We only use natural oils or professional products with natural bases.

As leather is a wonderfully reactive material to work with, our process is slow and gentle, working with the leathers natural properties, without the use of any solvents or abrasives.

After cleaning it is nourished with fine waxes that evenly penetrate the surface, making the leather softer for more comfort and more flexible so its less prone to damage and more durable.

(Any colouring would take place just before the feeding stage using natural oils and exposure to the sun.) After cleaning, colouring and treating, we finally finish, or seal, the leather, using waterbased cream to protect from daily use.

This stage provides a shield against friction, proofing against rain and stopping any dirt from or stains from penetrating the leather.

For the best results from your pieces, we recommend looking after them and using a nourishing wax and protection cream to prevent wear and tear.

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