Hairpin Leg Stool / Side table


Welcome to Cord Industries! These stools stand 48cm tall and have a seat diameter of 30m.

We also sell bar stools with and without beck rests here: With backrest: Without backrest: Benches: They also work perfectly as a low side table and should be about level with the seat of you sofa.

20%discount?!!! As a VAT registered, UK company, we only have to charge VAT (sales tax) on sales to other EU countries.

If you live in a nonEU country (USA/Australia for example) To help you offset the high cost of shipping to these countries please enter the voucher code NONEU20 to remove the sales tax from your purchase.

Also, Shipping prices to these countries can fluctuate considerably and also be greatly reduced if you are sending multiple items so please get in touch for the most competitive shipping rates.

Choosing your wood: We offer these stools in four different timbers.

Plywood, Oak, Cherry and Walnut.

Each has its own very distinct character, qualities and pricing.

There are pictures of each different timber in the images and each is priced for you in the dropdown marked Timber.

All are FSC certified.

We make all our table tops from scratch in the workshop and each receives two coats of a blend of oils and waxes that leaves the wood looking completely natural and will not require any further maintenance, we simply advise that you wipe up spillages promptly and protect the wood from excessive heat when necessary.

If you would like to explore the use of timbers other than those listed as standard or bespoke sizing, just hit the Request a custom order button just beneath the images and well get straight back to you.

Choosing your leg colour: You can have your legs powdercoated (not painted, theres big difference) in any of nearly two hundred different shades, Each with a corresponding RAL and Pantone Code.

Theres a sample of the colour chart in the listing images, please pick the shade you like and then enter the RAL code in the Note to seller during checkout.

If you would like to view a full size version or download a PDF of the colour chart, please follow the link below where it is available in our shop.

The download will cost 0.25p (Just enough to cover listing fees) or we can send you one for free if you hit the Ask a question button in the top right corner of this listing.

Colour chart: About the legs: Once again made from scratch, by hand, by us, in Cornwall.

We only use quality 12mm (1/2) solid steel bar for the legs and 3mm steel plate for the topplate.

The foot is bent around a radius rather than folded for a more pleasing aesthetic.

once the fabrication is complete they are professionally powder coated in the colour of your choice.

Floor defenders: You can also ask us to add floor defenders to your stool at no extra cost.

The floor defender is a small padded disk welded to the tip of the foot to prevent damage or scratching to your floor.

We highly recommend specifying floor defenders if you have wood, stone or ceramic floors.

Once again please use the Note to seller during checkout to let us know if you would like floor defenders.

About the design: Regular wood screws can look a little DIY so we fit metal inserts into the underside of the wood allowing us to affix the legs with beautiful brass or stainless steel bolts instead.

This also makes them super easy to assemble yourself when it arrives.

All the bolts are supplied, you will just need a 10mm spanner to tighten them up.

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