Bespoke Copper Pipe Shoe Rack


We bring you a bespoke copper pipe shoe rack.

A super versatile creation that can be used as a statement piece in your hallway or practical storage in a cupboard under the stairs.

This one can comfortably hold 6 8 pairs of adult shoes, but we are happy to make bespoke to your requirements.

Made to order in our dining room in Surrey, we are happy to work with any ideas you have.

The piece will be sent fully made (no fixing for you)! It will be soldered.

Approximate size of this one (future creations may differ slightly as handmade) H 30cm W 20cm L 79cm Copper will oxidise over time and we recommend to use wire wool and Brasso if you wish to keep the amazing shine Please note the following: 1.

No shoes will be sold with this product.


As the materials we use are raw and industrial and some may be soldered, the end product will never be perfect and untarnished.

We will however do our best to send it to you looking as good as brand spanking new!

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