Nike Air Max 90s Fully Crystallised in Certifed Diamond AB Swarovski Crystals


Custom made to Order Fully Swarovski Crystallised Nike Air Max 90s

Crystalella use Diamond Cut Swarovski Crystals purchased direct from Swarovski to ensure 100% authenticity.

We hand crystallise branded authentic products by applying each crystal separately by hand using a very strong industrial glue which ensures a firm, long lasting hold.

Crystals in picture: Swarovski AB Aurora Borealis Colour Nike: White Material: Mesh Size: Please contact us if unsure on what size you need.

Number of Ticks Crystallised: Outer 2 Ticks, Backs Fronts Crystallised

All 4 Ticks, Backs Fronts Crystallised (Extra 10.00)

Any questions with regards to our products/delivery please message us!

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