Technomate TM RF Modulator For TV CCTV Satellite Blue Ray

The TM-RF allows video from a satellite/freeview receiver, VCR / DVD / Blu-ray player, camcorder, CCTV camera, DVR or other devices with an AV output to be viewed on a another TV or a TV without a Scart or Phono input. It does this by converting a video signal into an RF signal over coaxial cable (cable required). With a Scart Loop-through, it allows products that have only 1 Scart output to be connected to your main TV in Scart quality or to be connected to a VCR / DVD Recorder / Blu-ray Recorder. Features UHF RF Modulator Digital LED Display Scart, Composite/Phono, Aerial Inputs Scart Loop-through Wideband - TV Channels 21 - 69 Wall Mountable Aerial Loop-through PAL-I, PAL B/G & PAL-K Compatible Kit includes: Mains adaptor & coaxial flylead (plug - socket)

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