Technomate TM 8 Octo Super High Gain Universal 0.1dB LNB

This is one of the best performing LNB on the market today. The Technomate Octo Universal LNB is a high quality product combined with the newest technology with a noise figure of 0.1dB This compact and high-quality converter is the key to the world of digital television. High stability, excellent noise figure and highly developed production technology. Technical Specifications Model: Technomate TM-8 OCTO Universal 0.1dB LNB Octo 8 Output Low noise 0.1dB Low Power Consumption Very High Frequency Stability Very High Cross Pol Performance Input Low Band: 10.7 - 11.7GHz Input High Band: 11.7 - 12.75 GHZ Output Frequency Low: 950 - 1950 MHZ Output Frequency High: 1100 - 2150 MHZ L.O Frequency Low: Typ 9.75 GHZ L.O Frequency High: Typ 10.6 GHZ Image Rejection dBm 40 dB Output Connector 75ohm F Type Phase Noise dBc/Hz @1 kHz -60 @10kHz -80 @100kHz -100 Conversion Gain: Min: 50dB Typ: 56dB Max: 62dB 25 °C Cross-Pole Isolation: Min: 20dB Typ: 25dB Flatness 5dB Over Operating band Reflector Type: Offset Fitting-Feed: 40 mm (Standard Size) Weather: Water Proof Boot

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