TRIAX TMP 5x24 Mains Powered Multiswitch with Earth Bars

Mains Powered, Stand Alone Multiswitch LTE Compact design Signal level controls on all inputs Colour coded connections High Performance Switch Mode Power Supply Compatible with the specifications as laid down in the document 'SKY Homes - Specification for an Integrated Reception System' Frequency Range (MHz): Terrestrial 47-862, Satellite 950-2150 Inputs: 5 Outputs: 24 Insertion Loss (dB): Terrestrial 0, Satellite 0 Input Gain Control (dB): Terrestrial 15, Satellite 10 Slope Control (dB): Terrestrial 10 Output Level Control (dB): Long cable 0, Medium Cable 6, Short Cable 12 Isolation (dB): Horiz/Vert 30, Terr-Sat 30, Sat-Terr 30, Out/Out-Terrestrial 30, Out/Out-Satellite 30 Input Return Loss (dB): Terrestrial 10, Satellite 10 Output Return Loss (dB): Terrestrial 8, Satellite 8 Output Level (dBuV): Terrestrial (IMA3-60dB) 85, Satellite (IMA3-35dB) 100 Line Power Voltage (V) (Switched Terrestrial): 12 Line Power Current (mA) (Switched Terrestrial): 50 Switching Commands: 13V, 18V, 13V 22kHz, 18V 22kHz Switched Mode Power Supply: 180-264 Vac, 47-63Hz / 18VDC, 1.5A LNB Current, Max (mA): 1000 Dimensions (mm) (L x W x H): 382x170x56

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