Global IPTV Arabic IPTV Subscription Renewal 12 Months

Product Description GLOBAL IPTV ARABIC IPTV 12 MONTH SUBSCRIPTION RENEWAL Twelve month subscription renewal facilty for existing ATN Arab TV Net viewer. Now over 475 channels!!! Enter your unique Global box 13 digit serial number in the space provided above and we will do the rest. Please also enter your 12 digit MAC address if available. Re-activation takes 24 hours from the time of ordering. Box serial numbers normally begin with TEL. Global IPTV is an Arabic IPTv service offering over 475 of the best Arabic channels. The first thing you notice when watching Global IPTV is the quality of the content/transmission, it is truly superb in both audio and video. Furthermore the channel changing time is super quick, less than 1 second. Due to the demise of a number of European Arabic satellite services demand for this box is high. Global IPTV's channels are delivered over the Internet in HD quality. The channels can be received anywhere in the world using an internet connection speed of 2 Mbps or higher. No satellite dish, aerial or PC required. There are currently over 475 channels (with more channels being added all the time) plus a vast selection of English and Arabic Video On Demand (VOD) movies. By ordering this product you will be subscribing to another 12 months viewing of the Global Arabic IPTV service. Your existing set top box will be reactivated. You will not receive any new equipment.

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