80cm Superior Motorised Dish Pack Dark Motor 400mm Mount Cable LNB

80cm Hi-Gain Soild Satellite Dish This 80cm Hi-Gain Solid Offset Steel dish has superb gain and will bring you the best possible signal strength and quality from a dish of this size. Brackets and fixings included. Dish with Arm, LNB holder & pole mount fitting manufactured in europe for quality & reliability. Designed for digital applications, for fixed / multi-feed and motorised DiSEqC systems and suitable for multiple satellite wide mast fitting range of 35 - 65mm the offset gives high concentration of signal to LNB without the need for a larger dish. The dish combines excellent electrical efficiency with strong mechanical performance. Technical Specifications 80cm High-Gain Solid Satellite Dish Material: Steel Outside diameter: 845 x 779mm Reflector diameter: 795 x 730mm Pole Mount / Mast Diameter: 35-65mm Offset Angle: 23° Focal length: 521mm Gain (10,7GHz) 36,7dB Gain (11,7GHz) 37,5dB Gain (12,7GHz) 38,3dB Beamwidth (-3dB) a 12,75GHz 2,3° Elevation 0°/89° Reflector degree 24°/113° Weight: 3.05kg Superior Dark DiSEqC 1.2 / 1.3 USALS Motor with Metal Gears Superior Dark Motor Motorised H-H Mount for satellite Dish up to 1.4m with DiseqC 1.2 GOTO "X" USUALS 1.3 Compatible with any DiSEqC 1.2 / 1.3 Receiver, everything is controlled via only one coaxial cable. Fast Turning Speed Manual east/west buttons for easy installation High efficiency designed Compact structure Ultra Low noise Easy to upgrade by only one coaxial cable Weather proof and rust protection Backlash eliminated Adjustable hardware limit switches Manual button for easy installation Compatible with DiSEqC 1.2 / 1.3 USALS receivers adjustable hardware limit extremly low noise - compact and powerful. Automatically point your dish to any of the avaliable satellite in orbit - Astra sats Eutelsat Hotbird Sirus Eurobird Thor Amos etc... Dish size up to 1.2 meter (steel) / 1.4 meter (alloy), everything is controlled with only one coaxial cable via satellite receiver. Receives different satellites automatically, Controlled by your receiver & remote. Enables you to receive 1000 of free satellite channels. DiSEqC communication protocol, compatible with any receiver with DiSEqC 1.2 or 1.3 USALS (Universal Satellite Automatic Location System) Moves the Dish automatically when a channel selected Will enable you to move your dish to satellites using your satellite receiver and your remote control Complete with Pole Mount and Fittings and instruction manual. Features & Technical Specifications Metal Main Gear & Metal Gearbox Automatic Backlash Compatible with All DiSEqC 1.2 - 1.3 / USALS Receivers Drive Dish up to 1.4m at Very High Speed Quick Installation by only One Coaxial Cable Water Resistant Manual East / West Buttons for Easy Installation Two LED Indicators for Monitoring the Motor Operation DiSEqC 1.2 - 1.3 / USALS Go To X Functions Compatible Smart Software Achieves very High Positioning Resolution of 0.1 Degree Compact Mechanism and Patened ZERO BACKLASH Design Ultra Low Noise and Low Current Motor / Gear Box Protocol: DiSEqC 1.2 & Goto "X" 1.3 Compatible Receiver: Receiver with DiSEqC 1.2 or Interface Box Antenna Size: 120 cm Max. Speed: 1.9 / sec (at 13V) ; 2.5 / sec (at 18V) Azimuth Angle: 80 East ~ 80 West ( 160° ) Elevation Angle: 25~75 Input Voltage: 13 / 18Vdc Output Voltage: 13 / 18Vdc Power Consumption: 50 mA (Standby) 200mA (Normal) 350mA (Max.) Satellite Positions: 60 positions Smart Titanium 0.1dB Single Low Noise Universal LNB Titanium Single TS LNB The Titanium Smat Single Universal TS LNB is a high quality product combined with the newest technology with a noise figure of 0.1dB This compact and high-quality converter is the key to the world of digital television. High stability, excellent noise figure and highly developed production technology. Note: We can upgrade you to Twin, Quad & Octo LNBs if required. If you have any special requirements please contact us before purchase. Technical Specifications 5 years warranty Feed diameter: 40 mm Compatible with HDTV/SDTV reception Power consumption: 110 mA Connector type: F-series connector (Gold Coated Connector) Low Band Input Frequency Range: 10.7 ~ 11.7GHz Output Frequency Range: 950 ~ 1950Mhz Oscillator Frequency: 9.75GHz Noise Figure: 0.1dB High Band Input Frequency Range: 11.7 ~ 12.75GHz Output Frequency Range: 1100 ~ 2150Mhz Oscillator Frequency: 10.6Ghz Noise Figure: 0.1dB Conversion Gain: 50 dB min Power Consumption max: 200mA Working Temperature: -30 ~ +60oC 450mm Steel Wall Mount 400mm Wall Mount The steel wall mount is rust proof galvanised steel and will stand up to strong winds and when the dish is tightened you can be sure it will not buckle. This wall mount bracket is heavy duty steel. Length: 450mm Height: 250mm Base: 50mm² SQ Weight: 2 KG Approx (Complete with 4 x M8 - 50mm Anchor Bolts & 4 x M10 Wall Plugs for Installation) 20m Belden Webro WF100 Cable, Installation CD, Sat Finder & Fittings Installation CD, Sat Finder, Fittings, Manual & Webro Coax Cable 20 Meters Belden Webro WF100 - For other lengths of coax cable please contact us before payment and we can add in the additional length(s). Chess Sat Finder (Assisting with Signal & Dish Alignment) 4 x Gold 'F' connectors 2 x Wall Gromits (Used for wall Entry and Wall Exit) 25 x Cable Clips Self Amalgamating Tape (To Seal Cable Connections from the Elements) Webro Cable, Features and Specification, CAI Approved Coax Cable Solid Copper Inner Conductor: 1.00mm, Copper Foil Screen & Copper Braid Screen Foam Filled Dielectric Suitable for Satellite, SKY & FreeSat Installation CAI Approved Coax Cable High Definition TV Ready WF100 is Manufactured by Belden Webro Quality All Copper 75ohm coax cable. Use for Digital TV / RF Applications Including TV Aerials, Cable Television and Satellite TV. Flexible, Robust and Watertight for DVB Satellite and Terrestrial digital TV signals high speed data transfer. Dual-Copper-Shielded WF100 Coaxial Cable High quality 75 ohm 100 dB - 20.50 @ 1000MHz A Copper foil and Copper braided provides 100% shield coverage The standard for Digital / HD and Cable Television and Satellite Installations Double screened 75 ohm coaxial Cable Attenuation (20 °C, = dB/100 m) 1000 MHz: 20.50 High Speed DATA Transfer SAT Finder with Lead (Assisting with Signal & Dish Alignment) Features Backlit Meter Scale Coax Lead No power supply required Back stand for freestanding operation Powered by receiver Suitable for analogue and digital reception Build in light and Audio tone Specifications Frequency range: 950-2500mhz Latest Edition Operating Range: LNB Gain=52-65dB Gain: 17dB Sensitivity: 7 Input Level: -25dBm ~ 75dBm Power Supply from Receiver (DC13-18V) Package Contains Satellite Finder Patch Lead English Manual

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