60cm Mix Digital Solid Satellite Dish, 250mm WM Single 0.1dB LNB

Technical Specifications 60cm High-Gain Solid Satellite Dish Material: Steel Color: Dark Grey (As Pictured) Outside diameter: 632 x 583mm Reflector diameter: 590 x 540mm Pole Mount / Mast Diameter: 35-65mm Offset Angle: 24° Focal length: 383mm Gain (10,7GHz) 34,4dB Gain (11,7GHz) 35dB Gain (12,7GHz) 36,4dB Beamwidth (-3dB) a 12,75GHz 1,9 ° Elevation 0°/86° Reflector degree 28°/114° Weight: 1.85kg Technical Specifications for MD-1 Single 0.1dB LNB 1 Years Warranty Feed diameter: 40 mm Compatible with HDTV/SDTV reception Power consumption: 110 mA Connector type: F-series connector (Gold Coated Connector) Low Band Input Frequency Range: 10.7 ~ 11.7GHz Output Frequency Range: 950 ~ 1950Mhz Oscillator Frequency: 9.75GHz Noise Figure: 0.1dB High Band Input Frequency Range: 11.7 ~ 12.75GHz Output Frequency Range: 1100 ~ 2150Mhz Oscillator Frequency: 10.6Ghz Noise Figure: 0.1dB Conversion Gain: 50 dB min Power Consumption max: 200mA Working Temperature: -30 ~ +60oC The steel wall mount is rust proof galvanised steel and will stand up to strong winds and when the dish is tightened you can be sure it will not buckle. This wall mount bracket is heavy duty steel. Length: 250mm Height: 250mm Base: 50mm² SQ Weight: 2 KG Approx (Complete with 4 x M8 - 50mm Anchor Bolts & 4 x M10 Wall Plugs for Installation)

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