Technomate TM 4 Quattro Super High Gain 0.1dB Universal LNB

The Technomate Quattro Universal LNB is a high quality product combined with the newest technology with a noise figure of 0.1dB This compact and high-quality converter is the key to the world of digital television. High stability, excellent noise figure and highly developed production technology. Technical Specifications Model: Technomate TM-4Q Universal 0.1dB QUATTRO LNB Quad Output Low noise 0.1dB Low Power Consumption Very High Frequency Stability Very High Cross Pol Performance Input Low Band: 10.7 - 11.7GHz Input High Band: 11.7 - 12.75 GHZ Output Frequency Low: 950 - 1950 MHZ Output Frequency High: 1100 - 2150 MHZ L.O Frequency Low: Typ 9.75 GHZ L.O Frequency High: Typ 10.6 GHZ Image Rejection dBm 40 dB Output Connector 75ohm F Type Phase Noise dBc/Hz @1 kHz -60 @10kHz -80 @100kHz -100 Conversion Gain: Min: 50dB Typ: 56dB Max: 62dB 25 °C Cross-Pole Isolation: Min: 20dB Typ: 25dB Flatness 5dB Over Operating band Reflector Type: Offset Fitting-Feed: 40 mm (Standard Size) Weather: Water Proof Boot Note: This is NOT a Quad LNB and it should be used with a Multi-Switch You should not connect any of the Quattro outputs, 1 - 4, directly to a receiver (except for testing purposes) unless you want to restrict viewing to just one of the four band options. Even if you do, the receiver may not work. If you simply need four or eight outputs, use the Quad or OCTO instead.

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