TRIAX TMP 9x12 LTE Mains Powered Multiswitch

TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Physical Height (mm) 56 mm Depth (mm) 282 mm Width (mm) 170 mm Connectors Number of inputs 9 (8 x SAT, 1 x Terr) Number of outputs 12 Connector type 'F' Female Colourcoding of IF and TER inputs Yes Frequency range Frequency range SAT 950-2150 MHz Frequency range TER 47-790 MHz Characteristics Input polarity gain control SAT 10 dB Input polarity gain control TER 15 dB Impedance input/output 75 ? Switch commands 13V, 18V, 13V 22kHz, 18V 22kHz, DiSEqC 2.0 Attenuation Equalization TER 10dB Loss Insertion loss - TER 3 dB Insertion loss - SAT 3 dB Return loss Return loss SAT inputs 10 dB Return loss SAT outputs 8 dB Return loss TER inputs 10 dB Return loss TER outputs 8 dB Outputs Output level SAT @ -35 dB IMD3 100 dBµV Output level TER @ 60dB IMD3 88 dBµV Isolation Isolation SAT to TER 30 dB Isolation TER to SAT 30 dB Isolation cross polarisation H/V 30 dB Isolation out-out SAT 30 dB Isolation out-out TER 30 dB

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