Rubber Boot Satellite Dish F Connector LNB Waterproof 10 pack

Excellent Value, 10 pack of rubber sealing boots. Use these boots to seal your F connector cable and protect against water ingression. Fits over the F connector and provides a weather tight seal at the end which connects to the LNB. Can also be used at the indoor end of the cable to provide extra strain relief where the cable connects to your satellite receiver. This particular boot is made from a very soft rubber which seals the Fconnector tightly and stops water from seeping in. Ideally it should be fitted onto the cable before the F connector is fitted but you can still fit them to existing cables that use non removable connectors like the types in our ebay shop. Thread the boot the wrong way round over the connector which will be going indoors. Use of a hairdryer will soften the rubber and make this easier. You can then push the boot along the cable length.

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