Multi 4 Way LNB Holder for Mix Digital Satellite Dish

Description: The fastest and easiest way to receive up to 4 satellites such as Astra, Hotbird, Sirius and Amos with a satellite dish. The holder is designed for 80cm &1m satellite antennas with rectangular feed arm. The holder is galvanised steel and equipped with narrow circular LNB holders allow for installation, even for closely spaced satellites. Specifications: universally adjustable to 4 satellite of your choice at a distance of about 3.0 ° 3 ° minimum distance possible (depending on LNB) for closely located satellites Feed diameter 40mm Azimuth range of up to approx: 3.0 ° Minimal satellite distance: 3.0 ° Feed rail length 40.0 cm Material: galvanized steel

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