Invacom QTF 031 C120 Universal Quattro LNB 0.3dB

A high performance universal LNB with 4 fixed outputs, for dishes supplied with their own feed-horn. Typically used in a commercial installation to supply a distribution system with separate switches and more than 4 receivers. The Invacom high performance LNB allows a more reliable system, with better system performance in heavy rain or weak signal levels. Input Frequency: 10.7 - 12.75 GHz Output Frequency: 950 - 2150 MHz Noise Figure: 0.3dB typical Gain: 50 - 60dB Interface: C120 flange, 18.5 Ø Ideal dish F/D: N/A Exact Feed Design Superior Phase Noise Excellent Isolation Very Low Spurious Levels Positive Gain Slope Tested for Ultimate Reliability Combined with Exceptional Noise Figure Note: This is NOT a Quad LNB and it should be used with a Multi-Switch You should not connect any of the Quattro outputs, 1 - 4, directly to a receiver (except for testing purposes) unless you want to restrict viewing to just one of the four band options. Even if you do, the receiver may not work. If you simply need four or eight outputs, use the Quad or OCTO instead.

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