Global Sky TV Link (sky magic eye) Pro Black

This Magic Eye is suppplied complete with a fitted flylead that provides a flexible and stable connection with F connection to coax cable. The Global tvLINK System allows the viewing of high quality Sky Satellite, terrestrial and video pictures at a second location. With the added benefit of control, the tvLINK gives the viewer the sense of having a second Sky digibox. On a typical installation the Sky digibox is located in the living room with a second set being either in the kitchen or a bedroom. This means it is possible for the the main location to be watching one of the terrestrial channels, i.e BBC1, whilst the second location watches the Sky channels, i.e Sky Sports. The tvLINK picks up the remote control signal and sends it, via a coax cable back to the Sky digibox where it is decoded internally. This allows the tvLINK to be discreet and unobtrusive in operation. Sky Approved Easy to Install Simple to Use Discreet, Modern Design

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