Brand New MTI Octo LNB 8 Way for SKY HD FREESAT SKY

The Latest Sky L.N.B to fit all zone 1 and zone 2 dishes will fit all types of sky dish new MK4 and MK3 The OCTO L.N.B can be used in the following way... Sky Plus or recordable freesat receiver (2 outputs) Two Sky+/HD or recordable freesat receivers (4 outputs) Three Sky+/HD or recordable Freesat receivers (6 outputs) Four Sky+/HD or recordable Freesat receivers (8 outputs) Sky+hd Plus & one or two standard Sky or freesat receivers (3 or 4 outputs) One-Eight standard Sky of freesat receivers (1 - 8 outputs) And so on..... This universal LNB is the type that is used by Sky in their installations. It is designed specifically for the Sky dishes as fitted by Sky. You can also use this LNB for any other satellite services which include Freesat, Freeview, BBC Digital . This LNB is suitable for fitting to Sky supplied dishes with a rectangular LNB support arm. 1. This L.N.B is suitable as a direct replacement for an old L.N.B 2. To replace a broken one 3. To obtain sky multi-room 4. can be used to watch sky+/HD services

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