250m Webro 'FOAM' WF100 UG Green Underground Coaxial Cable

Product Description 250m WEBRO 'FOAM' WF100 UG Green 250m WEBRO 'FOAM' WF100 UG Green Underground *CAI Approved 250m WF100 UG Green This 75-ohm cable is ideal for use where building regulations require colour coded cable installations. Based on the standard WF100 range of cables but with green outer sheath. Inner Conductor mm 1.00cu Dielectric mm 4.8 Foam Pe Outer Conductor mm CU Foil Outer Sheath Mm 8.0 Setting Radius Mm 90MM Attenuation 100MHz 5.90 dB/100m 470 13.3 860 18.3 2150 30.3

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