2.5mm 10x5 Twin Cable Clips Sky Twin Suitable for WF65 CT63 100 Pack

100 Black TWIN SHOTGUN COAX CABLE CLIPS FOR USE WITH ALL WF65/CT63 TWIN COAX CABLE. 100 Black high quality cable clips for coaxial cable. Keep your cables neat and tidy with these clips. Fitted with masonary nails so are suitable for securing to brickwork and woodwork. Cable clip to suit CT63/65 type coaxial cable used for Sky+ installations. Polypropylene body with hardened steel masonry nail. This particular type of clip is suitable for the twin satellite cable used in Sky Plus and Sky HD installations. These cable clips are used by Sky to secure its twin coax cable on there installations. Typical uses are: Securing of twin satellite cable from your satellite dish down walls to your satellite equipment Securing of twin satellite cables cables run internally in your home keeping cable runs tidy and avoiding trip hazards

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