10m RG59 and Power Cable TM 10 BD

A 10m RG59 & Power cable designed for CCTV installation. Unlike most cable, the TM-10 BD's power cables are high-quality copper 0.5mm conductors. This ensures that there is no power loss over long distances and that there will be no interference. Furthermore, the coaxial cable has a copper inner conductor which provides the best picture quality over long distances and make the cable less susceptible to signal loss in bends. The solid foam dielectric, injected with inert nitrogen gas, helps maintain the consistently high signal transmission levels and prevent moisture from entering the cable. The dielectric also makes the cable more robust and less susceptible to kinking during installation, ensuring the signals have the clearest path possible with no interference 10m RG59 & Power Cable BNC plug - BNC plug, DC plug - DC plug Copper Inner Conductor

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