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Product Description ABSat is France's first ever digital broadcaster, since its launch it has been a firm name for quality satellite viewing. Offering a wonderful array of French speaking channels the AB Sat Thematique viewing card is hard to beat. All smartcards are 100% official and guaranteed for 12 months viewing. Our cards are available for immediate delivery and offer exceptional value for money. There are three differnet AB Sat packages available, this card contains all ABSat channels (Tout AB) on a single viewing card. Channels include thirteen basic channels, five movie channels and two premium hardcore adult channels. AB1- General entertainment channel, featuring top US dramas and sitcoms AB Moteurs - dedicated motoring channel Mangas - Manga cartoons from Japan Toute L'Histoire - History documentaries Escales - Travel and tourism Encylopedia - World-wide documentaries Chasse & Peche - Hunting and fishing channel Animaux - Nature documentaries RTL9 - General entertainment plus more than 1000 films per year NT1 - General entertainment plus news, kids and 200+ films per year TMC - Family channel with films, series and documentaries Action - War movie, horror, westerns, action and more Cine Polar - Espionage, crime, thrillers, suspense Cine FX - Science fiction, horror, fantasy XXL - One of the first ever digital adult broadcasters XXL leads us behind the scenes of erotic movies and seduction as well as showing the very best in European hardcore entertainment Dorcel TV - THE European channel of hardcore diversity and sexy entertainment Hotbird Technical Information: Number of Channels: 16 Subscription Term: 1 Year Satellite: Hotbird @ 13 East Encryption: Viaccess Frequency 1: 11.681 Ghz Horizontal Frequency 2: 12.692 GHz Horizontal Symbol Rate: 27,500 FEC: 3/4 Astra Technical Information: Three of the AB Sat channels, AB1, Escales and AB Moteurs are also available via Astra @ 19E on the following frequency... Number of Channels: 3 Subscription Term: 1 Year Satellite: Astra @ 19 East Encryption: Viaccess Frequency 1: 12.285 GHz Vertical Symbol Rate: 27,500 FEC: 3/4

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